Wolfie’s Weaning Journey


I can’t really explain why, but I was SO apprehensive about weaning Wolfe. To me, it felt like a minefield. Where do you even begin? What food should you start with? Which book do you need to read? What recipes should you trust? Do you need to cook? Can you buy pouches? Which pouches? Should he be able to sit up first? Does he need a high chair? How much food should you give him? What time of day should you start?

You get the idea…

I took Wolfe to Dubai to meet my Mum in November when he was 5 months old/ 24 weeks old (when do you stop counting in weeks and start counting in months by the way?) and she was HORRIFIED that I hadn’t started weaning him. She kept saying “by 4 months old you and all your siblings were all eating everything in the fridge!”. I decided to let her help me with the start of his weaning journey, so we started with baby porridge. Oh my goodness, that first feed was just adorable. Wolfie absolutely LOVED it, he was smiling away and kicking his legs and I actually wasn’t prepared for how cute I would find it. We started with a little in the morning, and then we started introducing it at lunch and by the end of the week he was having 3 small portions a day and was only waking for one feed at night, instead of 2 or 3, which at the time was amazing!

When I got back to England I realised I didn’t have baby porridge at home, I just had baby rice and I thought, ‘Oh this’ll do’. I started giving this to him for his breakfast and within a couple of days I noticed it was NOT going down well; he was being sick quite a lot, didn’t seem comfortable and was waking a lot at night. After mentioning it on Instagram a few people advised me that baby rice doesn’t sit well with a lot of babies so I stopped that immediately and reverted back to just milk for a couple of days while his tummy settled back down. Then I ordered the HiPP Organic Porridge, because that is the same brand as the milk we give him, and started introducing that. He absolutely loved it and it didn’t give his tummy any trouble. I also made sure to be giving him filtered water out of a baby cup during the meal.

After establishing porridge into his diet twice a day, it was time to start on the proper food. I was worried if I cooked it myself I wouldn’t be able to blend it smooth enough and I didn’t want to take the risk so I’ll be honest with you and tell you that I just went to Boot’s and found the Ella’s Kitchen pouches (which everybody told me were the best to go for). I started with the single ingredient ones and first up was sweet potato. I gave him this for lunch for a couple of days and then I moved on to giving him carrot for the next couple of days, and then slowly I started introducing other vegetable mixes.

It was clear straight away that Wolfe seems to really enjoy eating, so much so that he doesn’t ever give me a sign that he is full! So when I feed him I don’t wait till he’s at the point of turning his face away from me, I give him a portion that I think seems about right. Of course there was a period of trial and error: if he was still hungry he’d whinge a little and I’d know I hadn’t given him quite enough, and if he had a bit too much then he might be a tiny bit sick. It’s my first time weaning and his first time eating, so of course there will be an element of learning on the job! I think this is important to say this because way too many mums are judging themselves or putting too much pressure on themselves to get it perfectly right straight away and that is simply unrealistic!

Wolfe started having 3 meals a day: porridge only in the morning, food for lunch and dinner and fruit as a ‘desert’. Just when I thought we had nailed it, I starting noticing that he really wasn’t himself again; his tummy was upset and he was being sick (more than just a tiny bit of excess coming up) after almost every meal. He also started waking up again at night which he hadn’t done since Alison, The Magic Sleep Fairy, had come to visit! So I thought about what to do and my instincts were telling me to stop giving him the pre-made pouches, to start cooking for him myself, and to back off the fruit for a while.

I spoke to my friend Florinda, whose gorgeous boy is just a month older than Wolfe, and asked her for tips on cooking for him. She told me about the most INCREDIBLE machine ever: the Beaba Baby Cook Neo (Click Here to Buy) which was life changing. It is honestly UNBELIEVABLE!!! You simply chop up the vegetables you want to cook, place them in the cylinder, add water, set it to steam (it takes 10-15 minutes max) and then press the blend button for about 60 seconds and voila! 30 minutes start to finish and you have perfectly fresh, home cooked, pureed food for your baby. I genuinely am so grateful for this machine because it makes giving Wolfe home cooked food so easy, and nowhere near as messy and stressful as I thought it would be.

Since making the changes of giving him only home-cooked food and avoiding fruit, he has been like a different baby AND he’s back to sleeping through the night!!

Of course I will still use pouches occasionally, sometimes it will just be more convenient, but I will aim for at least 80% home cooked food! I also bought something from Amazon that one of you lovely ladies on Instagram recommended to me: the Fill n Squeeze kit (Click Here To Buyso that I can squeeze the food I make him into little pouches which makes it so much easier for when we are out and about! That was the best tip – so thank you!

For his high chair, we went for the Stokke Tripp Trapp (Click Here to Buy) because it can grow with him for years, they look super chic, you can personalise it exactly how you like, and you can pull it up to the table which is so good for saving space in your home!

Honestly, I have loved weaning him so much more than I thought I would. It’s an incredible feeling to see his cute little face light up when he eats something he enjoys. If you want to do some reading I found Annabel Karmel’s weaning book and the Beaba cook books’ are a great place to start, as well as talking to other Mums who each have a different way of doing it, which is fantastic because you can get lots of ideas and then see what works for your family!

Wolfe’s Current Daily Feed Routine:

6am: 7oz Milk

11am: Lunch

2pm: 7oz Milk

4pm: Dinner

6pm: 7oz Milk

I am only at the start of my weaning journey, but I cant wait to keep introducing him to more flavours, cook him more interesting meals and slowly bring fruit back in – I just pureed some pear in the Beaba which I can’t wait to give him tomorrow 🙂

Hope this was helpful! Please comment below if it was 🙂

Lot of Love Roxie xx