Introducing Fitness+ with Apple

I was lucky enough to be one of the first people in the world to try Apple’s brand new Fitness+ service.
Fitness+ offers a library high quality workouts that you can integrate with all your apple gadgets; watch, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. Since we went into lockdown back in March, I have been working out at home almost every day. I have struggled to find access to really high quality content so I have truly been blown away by Apple! I already use the Apple Watch every day and is key for helping me staying motivated on the mat! So, it is extra special to have a fitness service which integrates the watch so seamlessly.

You have a choice of Yoga, Strength, HIIT, Treadmill, Cycling, Core and Mindful Cooldown workouts all at varying lengths so there is always something that feels right for your energy levels and time restrictions each day.

A few of the highlights I particularly love about Apple Fitness+:

– Your Apple Watch is fully integrated meaning you can see all your metrics live on the screen. I love this because it keeps me motivated and keeps me focused! I have a tendency to look down at my watch to check my metrics during a workout and this can be a little distracting, but seeing them direct on the screen stops me having to check me wrist!

– There is an incredibly diverse group of trainers who are all SO welcoming. Their energy is so uplifting and friendly and it really feels like you are in a studio with them. Having that level of friendliness really does make the workout feel more comfortable, even at home! My favourite trainers so far are Bakari (HIIT), Kyle (strength) and Jessica (Yoga).

– It is linked to Apple Music so the playlists are all incredible and you can chose a workout based on what kind of music you want, ie. Yoga with Chill music or Yoga with Hip Hop, depending on what mood you’re in. If you like a song you hear, you can find it easily on the track list at the end of the workout and then save it to your Apple Music.

– One of the best features for me is that you can workout ANYWHERE; on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV and you can download workouts so that you can train in the park too without the need for WiFi or using your internet data!

Apple Fitness+ is available to all Apple Watch wearers and can be found through your Fitness app when you update your watch/phone software!
Let me know what you think, I’d love to know your favourite classes and teachers!
Lots of Love, Roxie xx
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