Osteopathy: Amberin Fur

When I had Wolfie, I had a few friends recommend that I took him for Cranial Osteopathy. I’d never heard of it before and when I looked into it I was shocked to see how many benefits it could have for both him and I.

During labour, babies are often put through some kind of ‘trauma’ which can effect their sleep, digestion and head shape and cranial osteopathy is a VERY gentle manipulation of the body to enable the release of any stress and tension! It is a particularly wonderful treatment for babies suffering from colic/reflux (which Wolfe was) as well being hugely effective in helping both mother and baby recover more quickly from the hormonal cascade caused by the labour. Cranial Osteopathy also helps babies in their journey to some of their key milestones, such as rolling and sitting.. For mum, the treatment aids the bodies transition from pregnancy by helping with alignment, flaring of ribs, positioning of the pelvis, and releasing the new tensions in the back, neck and shoulders created by endless holding and rocking of the baby.


 I wanted to find the best person to go to, and a friend said I must go see Amberin Fur & Associates and I am so glad I did! I first went when Wolfe was 3 weeks old, and Amberin and her colleague, Laura, assessed both me and Wolfie. We both went back once a month for 3 months. I found it really helped Wolfie’s reflux and they equipped me with exercises to do with him at home to help his development. They also me to realign my body after pregnancy, and I always felt such an emotional and physical relief when I left them. Amberin and Laura were kind, gentle and so patient  if Wolfe was every crying or grizzly, as he often was in those early months.

I recommended Amberin Fur & Associates to a number of friends, all of whom messaged me to say how happy they were with the results!

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