I was recently offered to go and try 10 sessions of LPG Endermologie for the body. What is that, I hear you ask.. Well, this treatment is essentially like a very intense massage done by a machine. It promises to eliminate cellulite, firm the skin and release fat. After I gained so much weight (30kg to be exact) during pregnancy and having gained a lot of cellulite as a result, I thought, why not try it? (Disclaimer: there is NOTHING wrong with cellulite, if you love yours and embrace it then I’m all for that). Honestly, I was not expecting magical results, but I figured I had nothing to lose. I went to see the lovely Alex in her space in London Bridge, and she instructed me to put on what is essential a pair of tights for your body. I then lay down and she used the machine to massage around my legs and bum (the area I chose to work on), and the results were INCREDIBLE! After just 5 sessions ALL my cellulite had gone and my thighs looked super lean, and my bum so lifted. I actually decided not to do the last 5 sessions because I simply didn’t feel I needed them anymore! I must mention though: I did this alongside regular exercise, a very healthy diet and drinking a lot of water. For this treatment to work, you really do need to be doing these things along side of it! If you do though, I promise you you will be shocked at how amazing the results are!

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