Louisa Drake Method

If you want toned abs, a perky butt and lean arms, then you better stop what you’re doing and book in a class with Louisa Drake. I found this studio on class pass and was instantly hooked. It is probably the best workout I’ve ever done, as I am not a big fan of using any heavy weights. I believe that our body weight, or using light weights, is more than enough to tone us and help us build strength! I started coming to this class after I’d had my baby boy, and I single handedly attribute the return of my abs to this class. Using bands, balls and light weights this is a full body workout that will define, sculpt and elongate you without giving you that ‘bulky’ feeling. The studio is beautiful and located beneath The Detox Kitchen so you can enjoy a delicious, healthy meal after class. I’ve been to A LOT of classes and no two have every been the same, which always amazes me!

Thanks Louisa for this amazing method!