Dr Rabia Malik

My go-to facialist is the incredible Dr. Rabia Malik. You only need to take one look at her flawless (and botox free) skin to see how good she is! She really is her own best advert.

This isn’t your typical ‘relaxing’ facial, I would say it more of a medical facial – one that really will transform your skin and make you glow with lasting results. I have been seeing Dr. Rabia since I was 23 and I am amazed by the results every single time. I honestly attribute my good skin to this lady! Her ‘vampire’ PRP facials and peels are my favourite treatments that she does, but I also love her dermaplaning – but she tailors your treatment specifically to your needs, for example sometimes I will have a little derma planing on some areas of my face and then some peel on others within the same appointment.