I couldn’t mention fitness without talking about CARiFiT! This is the baby-wearing workout I never thought I would do, did do, and absolutely loved. I could not recommend this whole programme more to anyone who has just had a baby –  I truly believe every post-natal fitness journey should start here. Their online programmes to help you ease back into exercise SAFELY and effectively were absolutely key for me in my PP journey. There is SO much information on their site, way more than you get from your GP! I did the at home workouts with Wolfie strapped on (such a great way to get him to sleep whilst I got to move my body!) and then I went along to the LIVE classes. I went to the one in Southwark every Wednesday and they were SO much fun, so challenging in the best way (I came out dripping in sweat every time), and such a great way to meet other mums.

It’s all run by the amazing Vern Hill who is an absolute hero, and has been a pre and post natal trainer for 17 years. His passion to help women on their mental and physical post partum journeys is truly inspirational and I just love him and CARiFiT!